Special Learning Experiences

Peer teaching and E – learning practices
To help the slow learners, the department encourages the practice of peer teaching among students. The high achievers help the slow learners perform better in academics. This practice has been proved quite successful for both slow learners and high achievers. As part of peer teaching, the department also encourages students with specific aptitude on relevant areas in Information Technology, to share their knowledge with the peers. The department promotes E – learning among students by providing an environment in which technology can be used in the precise manner to acquire knowledge anytime and from anywhere.

Vocational Education Training
Vocational training is a greatest asset to the economy. Vocational Training prepares one for a job. It also makes one responsible and independent. Hands on work activities allow direct application of direct knowledge. It is essential for everyone to have some knowledge in vocational skills so that it can be implemented as and when needed. Apart from learning regular curriculum and academics, students are required to have some skills to become independent and self-sufficient. Hardware/networking components & cell phone service and personal hygiene & beauty therapy are instances of the vocational training programmes offered by the department for the interested students. Every year the department makes necessary updates in these programmes for the benefit of its student participants.

Extension Activities
The department coordinates extension activities that sensitize students to be socially responsible. The department conducts Computer Literacy Drives for School children as well as home makers in the neighborhood to impart fundamental knowledge of Computers. The sessions are structured with practicals in the computer lab according to the syllabus designed for the programme. With an objective to encourage social conscientiousness among the students, IT Club and INFINITY Club of the department jointly organizes extension activities such as rally and street play based on the themes ‘Women Empowerment’, ‘AIDS Awareness’, ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’ etc. in the neighbourhood community.