The Journalism course aims at moulding the student for a career in Journalism, both print and broadcasting and in allied fields like Advertising, Film, and Public Relations. The course introduces various facets of the profession of the journalism to the students with theoretical knowledge and on the job training.

Psychology introduces the students to various psychological processes with a view to developing a holistic outlook towards life and prepares them for a great career ahead. The programme offers papers from different disciplines of psychology along with laboratory and field experience, elementary statistics and research. The major objective of the course is to impart core knowledge in primary disciplines of psychology and its relevance in the current context.

The three-year English Literature course, also known as Optional English, offers students an opportunity to understand the literary, cultural and social dynamism of England’s varied past, European and Non-European writing and integrates Indian writing in English facilitating a transcendence of linguistic nativism.

  • Eligibility: 10+2 / Pre-University Course/Equivalent (During admissions, the College fixes minimum cut off marks from the qualifying examination).


Semester Paper No. Title of the Paper
I 1.1 Language
I 1.2 English
I 1.3 Journalism: Introduction to Mass Communication
I 1.4 British Literature from Chancer to Johnson
I 1.5 Psychology: Basic Psychological Processes – I & Practical
I 1.6 Environment and Public Health
I 1.7 CC & EC
II 2.1 Languages
II 2.2 English
II 2.3 Journalism: Print Media
II 2.4 British Literature- The Romantic Age
II 2.5 Psychology: Basic Psychological Processes – II & Practical
II 2.6 Indian Constitutions and Human Rights
II 2.7 CC & EC
III 3.1 Languages
III 3.2 English
III 3.3 Journalism: Basic Audio Visual Media
III 3.4 Op. English, British Literature Victorian and Modern
III 3.5 Psychology: Child Psychology / Developmental Psych -I & Practical
III 3.6 Science and Society
III 3.7 CC & EC
IV 4.1 Languages
IV 4.2 English
IV 4.3 Journalism: Media Laws
IV 4.4 Op. English: American Literature
IV 4.5 Psychology, Child Psychology/Developmental Psych-II & Practical
IV 4.6 CC & EC
V 5.1 Journalism: Reporting Methods
V 5.2 Journalism: Editing Methods
V 5.3 Op. English: Indian Writing in English – I
V 5.4 Op. English: World Literature – I
V 5.5 Psychology: Elective A – I & Practical
V 5.6 Psychology: Elective B – I & Practical
VI 6.1 Journalism: Media Management
VI 6.2 Journalism: Intro to Advertising and Public Relations
VI 6.3 Op. English: Indian Writing in English – II
VI 6.4 Op. English: World Literature – II
VI 6.5 Psychology: Elective A – II & Practical
VI 6.6 Psychology: Elective B – II & Practical