B.Sc. in Mathematics, Statistics and Economics

By tightly integrating the study of Mathematics, Economics, and Statistics, this programme meets the increasing demand from industry, the professions and public bodies for informed and talented graduates who can apply skill and imagination to real-world problems. As a graduate you will emerge with an excellent, professional training in Mathematics, Economics and Statistics combined with advanced technical and quantitative skills that you can readily apply to a host of social science concepts and problems.

When one does triple majors in these subjects as St. Claret College offers, student has the freedom to pursue any of these for his/her higher studies but these three are complementary subjects and are always linked in the long run. Economics without mathematics and statistics has limitations in achieving what it can, if it is combined with mathematics and statistics. One of the choices could be to pursue a career in academics in any of these subjects. Higher studies with these subjects become mandatory as they are research based subjects, so if you do take it up be prepared for a master’s degree at least. Mathematics helps one to develop analytical skills and the ability to work in a problem solving environment.

Mathematics helps to find jobs in pure mathematics, pure statistics, computer science, physical sciences, engineering and other mathematically oriented fields such as insurance, banking and accountancy. Mathematician jobs are also quite flexible; one may work as part of a team or opt to work independently. Those who prefer to work alone may find openings in private firms or libraries. They may also take up teaching or academic research.

The Indian Statistical Institute, with branches in many parts of the country, is a pioneering institute in the field of statistics. A network of service units in Statistical Quality Control covers major cities in India including Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Calcutta, Pune, Hyderabad, Thiruvananthapuram and Baroda. There is a specialised Documentation Research and Training Centre in Bangalore, which employs professional statisticians. Statisticians too may opt for teaching or academic research for specialisation.

While pursuing the Economics degree, students learn how economic development is important for us and the ways it should be practiced in different sectors such as optimal use of natural resources, consumption of goods and services in their best way, equilibrium of demand and supply in the market etc.

Economics also provides the knowledge exposure about micro and macroeconomics which include economics at individual level, like determinants of demand and supply of consumers and economics at national level. There are a lot of opportunities for a person who majors in Economics. A degree in economics finds numerous applications in finance, public policy, public health, financial markets and forecasting/analysis (economics/financial) just to name a few. A degree in Economics will also help one to get jobs as Economist, Financial Analyst, Data analyst, Policy Analyst, Investment analyst, Credit Analyst, Market Research Analyst, Financial Planner, Economic Researcher, Financial Consultant and Economic Consultant.


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B.Sc. in Mathematics, Statistics and Economics


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