Code of Ethics to Check Malpractices and Plagiarism in Research

  • St. Claret College is committed to producing and promoting research and scholarship of the highest order, unadulterated with plagiarism and other unethical practices, while endeavouring to maintain academic freedom and innovation. The college invites its teachers and students to abide by the highest standards of integrity in their conduct of academic research and/or support to academic research activities, which include, but are not limited to the following:
  • No form of plagiarism is allowed. Plagiarism takes many forms viz. submitting another’s paper as one’s own, paraphrasing or copying sizable parts of another’s work without due acknowledgement, claiming credit for another’s research, receiving credit/marks on group assignments without contributing fairly, using exact phrases, sentences, or paragraphs from a source without quotation marks and/or proper citation, substituting synonyms for the author’s language while keeping to the same general language framework and meaning as found in the original.
  • In the event of the teachers/students attending/participating in any conference/ seminar/workshop, etc, permission must be sought from the Principal, highlighting the purpose of attending the conference/seminar/workshop, etc. Faculty members who serve as reviewers/editors on editorial boards of any journals, need to adhere to the strictest standards to ensure good quality publications.
  • Our college, while organizing conferences and seminars on pressing issues calling for academic inquiry, and selecting papers for the same, places strong emphasis on the standard of research, original thought and expression, and multiple layers of review.
  • We also keep our teachers and students informed of appropriate guidelines for publication in various journals, including those recognized by the UGC.
  • Our library is stocked with renowned journals from the world over, acting as a mirror for quality research and writing, for our teachers and students – a veritable tool that they can employ by emulating the standards of these publications.