Academic Calender

Industrial Visit
Garuda Polyflex Dairy Classic Bridge Course
Event Date
Commencement of Tally with GST 20-7-2019
Commencement of Advanced Excel 29-07-2019
Commencement of CA Classes 29-07-2019
Acumen- inter collegiate PU Business Quiz 26-09-2019
Financial Accounting Guest Lecture 5-11-2019
Financial Accounting Special Lecture 25-10-2019
Income Tax Guest Lecture 1-10-2019
QABD Guest Lecture 30-09-2019
Spark- Intra collegiate Paper Presentation 14-10-2019
Udbhav- Intra Collegiate Paper Presentation 15-10-2019
Valeur- Value Week Celebration 14-10-2019
Career Counselling for Commerce Students 25-08-2019
Awareness to students on overseas education 25-08-2019
Career Counselling for ACCA students 31-07-2019
29 July to 3rd August 2019
Alumni Guided Sessions for Slow Learners 4th November 2019 to 9th November 2019
FDP on GST 1-10-2019
FDP on IFRS 12-12-2019
National Conference 15-2-2020
Awareness to Local Community and extension activities Feb and March 2020
Guest Lecture on gender equity 20 Feb 2020
Corporate Communication Program – Times of India Group 8th Jan 2020
FDP on Minor Project 4th Feb 2020
Cancer Awareness 23rd Jan 2020
Manegondu Sasi- 24th Jan 2020
Visit to New Ark Mission 26th Feb 2020
Visit to Little sisters of the poor 19th March 2020