Department of Humanities

From its inception in 2005, the department of Humanities at St Claret College has grown in quality, student enrolment and programs. Today, SCC has the reputation of being one of the best colleges for Arts and Humanities education in Bangalore. The department offers various combination of courses for students to choose from.

The Department of Humanities subsumes a broad range of socially relevant disciplines –Psychology, English, Sociology, Journalism, Economics and Political Science – addressing the demands and issues of the times. It plays a definitive role in molding the young minds into intellectuals and humanitarians who are not confined by the existing boundaries of knowledge and go on to set their own standards of excellence.

Going by the practice of ‘learning beyond books,’ the department organises regular talks, guest lectures, workshops and seminars by eminent personalities/industry experts. The students take initiative in organizing the annual inter-collegiate fest – ‘Resonance,’ and an array of academic events including two national conferences every year. The department also organises alumni talk, industrial visits and conducts workshop on research writing. In addition to these, there are also certificate courses including a diploma programme in advanced English speaking skills and Theatre Certificate Course. Through these avenues in clubs and associations, students realise and refine their creative, intellectual and critical skills. Regular visits to NIMHANS, UNIBIC food factory, Tumkur Community Radio Station, Janapada Loka are a few to mention.

English language courses help students to understand various literary works, improve critical and analytical thinking and LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) skills. The entire process looks at moulding students with a better communication and verbal skills.

The study of Economics allows students to critically think about the Indian and global economies and train in various managerial skills and make studied decisions. Learning Sociology is intended to make the students aware of the various social issues and the effective ways to counter them. The study of Political Science helps the students to understand the political environment critically and become change makers of the country. Studying Psychology helps the students to understand various psychological issues faced by individuals and society and the ways to counter them. The Journalism program teaches the students to discover and understand what is happening in the society and enhances their creativity, writing, communication and research skills.

Programmes Offered

Programs Intro

BA - Journalism

BA - Optional English

BA - Psychology

BA - Economics

BA - Political Science

BA - Sociology

BA - Economics

BA - Sociology

BA - Political Science

BA - Computer Science




Optional English

Political Science



Banking FInance

Computer Science

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Political Science

Science Society

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