The Department of Humanities at St. Claret College was established with the inception of the college in 2005-2006 with BA (JPE) Degree Course. The Department offers undergraduate (3 years / 6 semesters) programme in Arts (B.A.) in five selective triple major courses comprising of JPE, EPO, PJS, PSE, DDM, specializing in the subjects; Journalism, Psychology, Optional English, Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, Dance, Drama and Music. The objective of the department is to provide complete education in academics and co-curricular aspects that enables students to understand social and moral values. The Department has eleven full-time and one part-time faculty members. Since its existence, St. Claret College is acknowledged as one of the best Arts College in North Bangalore. The increasing demand of careers relating to Humanities knowledge is fostered in students to excel competently. Our alumni have reached in greater heights in various educational and professional fields in the society.


To sensitize students to the broader social, cultural, economic, ethical and humane issues involved in social change.


To provide complete education which includes languages, literature, journalism, social and behavioural sciences where the students learn to unite application of scientific principles along with human, moral and social understanding.

Courses Offered

  1. A. (Bachelor of Arts) Journalism, Psychology, Optional English (JPE)
  2. A. (Bachelor of Arts) EPE (Economics, Psychology, Optional English (EPO)
  3. A. (Bachelor of Arts) Political Science, Journalism & Sociology (PJS)
  4. A. (Bachelor of Arts) Political Science, Sociology and Economics (PSE)
  5. A (Bachelor of Arts) Dance, Drama, Music, (DDM)

  1. A. (Bachelor of Arts)

Study of Economics is concerned with the efficient use of scarce resources to maximize the welfare of the people. A sound knowledge of economic theories and concepts is very important for prescribing suitable policy initiatives to tackle macro-economic problems like poverty, unemployment, regional imbalance, inequitable distribution of income and wealth, turbulence in the commodity, money and currency markets etc.

The three-year English Literature course, also known as Optional English, offers students an opportunity to understand the literary, cultural and social dynamism of England’s varied past, European and Non-European writing and integrates Indian writing in English facilitating a transcendence of linguistic nativism.

The Journalism course aims at moulding the student for a career in Journalism, both print and broadcasting, and in allied fields like Advertising, Film, and Public Relations. The course introduces various facets of the profession of Journalism to the students with theoretical knowledge and on-the-job training.

Political science graduates have found successful careers in all of the following areas: Law, Government Jobs, Political Consultancy, Interest Groups and Associations, International Organizations, Business, and Education.

Psychology introduces the students to various psychological processes with a view to developing a holistic outlook towards life and prepares them for a great career ahead. The programme offers papers from different disciplines of psychology along with laboratory and field experience, elementary statistics and research. The major objective of the course is to impart core knowledge in primary disciplines of psychology and its relevance in the current context.

Graduates in Sociology program find employment opportunities in fields as diverse as business management, consulting, corporate administration, insurance, medical administration, politics, realty, religious life, social work, teaching, and higher education.

Dance as a degree course in St. Claret College focuses on moulding a passionate student into a professional dancer with Zest and Energy. It gives multitudes of opportunity for students to experience and learns diverse dance forms by exploring the history, theory, and science of your art. Also opportunities to drama artists are offered by professional theatrical and opera companies and semi-theatrical institutions like AIR, TV studios, movie studios, films division, song and drama divisions and many more.

The graduates in Drama program has been in demand in the present theatre field. St. Claret College has introduced this course to make the students expertise in various theatre forms and theories. A degree in Drama can be ideal preparation for a career as an actor, director or set designer, it help individuals interested in these careers develop skills and increase their job prospects.

‘Music can change the world because it can change people’ – Bono. A Degree in Music aspire our students to learn and appreciate music in form voice and instrumental from different regions of the world. Music as a subject will be more interesting to learn and enhances the creative gift of the student. The B.A. degree in Music exposes students to practical and classroom sessions. By this study, students become very well aware on the theoretical and historical aspects of Music.

Performing Arts graduates combine creative talent with practical aspects of self-promotion and arts management. This mix of disciplines is a good preparation for the world of artistic performance in Dance, Drama and Music. St. Claret College is one the prior Arts College in North Bangalore that offers a degree in Performing Arts.


Add on Course:

The Department conducts certified add on course; Diploma in Advanced English Speaking (DAES). DAES is unique program to help students speak English clearly and confidently. The modules of the course include Speech Generation, Flow Production, Grammar, Language Games, Conversation practice, Role play, Fluency in asking questions, Telephonic English and Business English.

Language Lab

Recognizing that English language offers tremendous career opportunities, SCC has established an excellent modern language lab with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment to aid in imparting language skills that would develop students’ skill to use English accurately and fluently. The lab technology helps students to become confident communicators and proficient in English. The Laboratory is effectively utilized by students and faculty members for various self-enhancement and soft skill development activities.

Exposure to Industry/ Experiential Learning

The Department holds the view that students must be exposed to the industrial applications of the theory that they are provided in the regular classes. Thus, visits to Media houses and institutions of Psychology and mental health are regularly organized. Industrial visits in recent times include Public TV, Deccan Herald and Cadabams and Banyan Tree (mental rehabilitation Centres). The interactions the students have in the course of their visits give them valuable insights in the application aspects of the concepts they theoretically engage with in the course of their study. Conferences, seminars, workshops, guest/special lectures and club activities organized on a regular basis.

Clubs & Associations

The Humanities Club

The primary purpose of The Humanities Club is to provide a platform for students who are either pursuing or are interested in the humanities. The Club encourages the students to be actively involved in activities related to literature, Psychology, Journalism, Dance, Drama and music and conducts programmes on a regular basis. The Club also organizes inter-collegiate Humanities’ fest, Resonance.

The English Literary Club

The Literary Club’s objective is to develop and hone the literary skills of the students. The Club encourages the Claretines to develop a taste for literature and also work towards improving their spoken and written language. It is involved in a variety of activities aimed at building up the confidence and grooming the talents of students in facing various interpersonal activities and competitions. The Club has initiated competitions in extempore, essay writing, creative writing, poetry writing, debate, elocution, skit, quiz and reading to enhance the speech and oratorical skills of students.

Theatre Club

The Theatre Club was started in the academic year 2017 – 2018. The primary objective of the club is to enhance the acting skills of our college students by encouraging them to involve in various genre of theatre like Drama, Street Play and Mime. It aims to build a socially responsible student with creativity and innovation which helps them in professional world. The club conducts workshops and certified programmes in hand with various theatre professionals from educational institutions and theatre groups.


  • Organized a Seminar on Rabindranath Tagore in 2011.
  • Organized a One- Day Conference for Students of Optional English – The Space in Between: An Exploration of the Texts and their Worlds– in February 2012.
  • Organized a One – Day Workshop Reinforcing Acquaintance: American Literature for teachers in Colleges affiliated to Bangalore University on the BU IV Semester Optional English Curriculum on American Literature in January 2013.
  • Organized a One-Day Symposium to mark the first death anniversary of Chinua Achebe – Postcolonialism After Theory – Revisiting Achebe – in March 2014.
  • Organized an Intercollegiate Humanities Fest “Resonance” in September 2014.
  • Organized a One –Day National level Conference for UG and PG [English] students – The Vistas of Literary Texts: Reading and Re[-]Marking –  in March 2015.
  • Intra Collegiate Photography exhibition ‘Flashback 2.0’ and Ruffin Memorial Photography Competition on ‘Slice of Life’ was organised on March 31 – April 1 2015.
  • Organized an Intercollegiate Humanities Fest “Resonance” in February 2016.
  • Organised a one day Workshop
  • Organised a one day state level student conference on ‘Literature in a Globalised World: Roots and Routes’ on March 15, 2017.

Altius 2017, Inter – Collegiate Pre – University fest was organized on October 26, 2017.