Anti Human Trafficking Club

The Anti - Human Trafficking Club at SCC envisions a local and global community that fully realizes the value of each human life and detests any practice that denies a person her or his right to live a life free from violence, exploitation, or slavery. To ensure this vision becomes a reality for our college and beyond, the Anti - Human Trafficking Club of St. Claret College is committed to preventing human trafficking, prosecuting traffickers, and protecting survivors of human trafficking by building a strong collaborative of anti-trafficking advocates and experts in the society. It also serves to create a common platform for researchers, scholars, students, leaders, activists, social workers, NGOs, and others to share their experiences and data with contemporaries who are and have been fighting human trafficking in India and abroad.


1. Awareness generation on human trafficking and related human rights violations.
2. Community based campaigns addressing human trafficking as a crime and a violation of rights and dignity of human beings.
3. Networking and sharing best practices with like-minded organizations for mutual support and sustenance