Christian Student’s Association

Christian Students' Association has numerous activities that include worship services, prayer, community service, music etc. Holy Mass is celebrated on every first Friday of the month. Shalom, the annual intra­ collegiate fest is organized by CSA. The annual retreat for the Christian Students is also taken care of by the CSA.

CSA at SCC is also part of AICUF (All India Catholic Union Federation) of the Karnataka Chapter. The motto of AICUF is, "We were born in an unjust society and we are determined not to leave it as we have found it".

Aims & Objectives of AICUF
• To facilitate a truly Christian interaction among Catholic Young Men and women.

• To create and promote among them, by means of study clubs, a wider interest in the study of their religion and of the social question so largely connected with it.

• To help the members in the study and in the application of Catholic principles to the social problems by the publication of a monthly organ (Rally).