Institution Innovation Council (IIC)


The innovation cell of St. Claret College is the pivotal movement within the college wherein the students are trained and moulded to exhibit their talents and strengths to showcase their potential and help them inculcate creative ideas through which the students can develop on their competitive skills. Innovation in educational institutions encourages teachers and students to explore, research, and use all the tools to uncover something new.

St. Claret College, Bangalore University was selected by MHRD’s Innovation Cell (MIC) for the constitution of Innovation Council in the college to promote innovation among its students by encouraging, inspiring, and nurturing them through periodic activities. The Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India has established MHRD’s Innovation Cell (MIC) at AICTE with a purpose to systematically foster the culture of innovation in all Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). IIC at St. Claret College works in a very systematic manner. At the start of the term it suggests an array of activities focussing on different aspects of innovation, in its Calendar of Activities. These activities conducted within St. Claret College comprise of lectures, leadership talks, webinars, e-sessions, Ideation workshops and innovation competitions such as Hackathon and Bootcamp. St. Claret College has wholeheartedly participated in a multitude of activities suggested and conducted by IIC which plays a vital role in developing the students potential pertaining to their creative abilities.


• Opportunity to nurture and paradigm new ideas
• Create a mentor pool for student innovators.
• To create a vibrant local innovation ecosystem.
• Prepare institute for ARIIA and NIRF ranking.
• Start-up supporting Mechanism in HEIs.


• To conduct various innovation and entrepreneurship-related activities prescribed by MIC.
• Identify and reward innovations and share success stories.
• Organize periodic workshops/ seminars/ interactions with entrepreneurs, investors, professionals and create a mentor pool for student innovators.
• Network with peers and national entrepreneurship development organizations.
• Create an Institution’s Innovation portal to highlight innovative projects carried out by institution’s faculty and students.
• Organize Hackathons, idea competition, mini-challenges etc. with the involvement of industries.