In present times, social media plays an increasingly important role in the life of society. People spend a lot of time online because they see social media as an important source of information while also allowing them to share their concerns regarding issues important to them. YouTube, being one of the mainstream social media platforms, allows users to share their videos online, create their channels and thus create virtual communities united by common interests. YouTube has also become a place or tool for the promotion of individuals and ideas to get fame and bring awareness respectively.

YouTube was originally founded in 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve and Jawed Karim, who were all former employees of PayPal. It was developed as a platform for anyone to post videos of their choice while options of sharing them were also provided. The primary goal was that users could visit the site to upload, share, and view content without restriction.

YouTube has become a highly influential media while also being extremely popular. Today, YouTube has millions or rather, billions of users worldwide. It has also become a source of income for content creators. Users get ample opportunities to share their videos instantly. At the same time, the distinct feature of YouTube is the creativity of videos that attracts users. The more creative a video is, the higher is the possibility that people will view it and the more popular it becomes.

There are thousands of YouTubers who create their own videos with lot of hard-work resulting in achieving great heights in their field. They work as a team and inspire millions. YouTube is one of the best platform for many, because anybody can start their channel and showcase their talents and achieve recognition and success from it.

R. Sathyavani
II B.Sc.