Research is an academic process of an original contribution of the existing knowledge of scientific investigation. Many researchers consider research as a movement of the known towards the unknown.

In recent years there has been a growing insistence in the portals of higher education on research, and as India prepares to gear itself to meet the challenges posed by global knowledge economies, the emphasis has increased manifold. A healthy research culture in faculty is indicative of a desire to upgrade pedagogic and domain skills and expertise. Several studies have clearly established the impact research has on enhancing the teaching – learning process and activity in colleges and universities. And in a world where the shelf life of methodologies and products are decreasing at a rapid rate, the ability to remain afloat depends on how updated individuals are.

St Claret College recognizes the crucial link that exists between research and the quality of education imparted and encourages faculty members to be actively involved in research leading to an overall climate of excellence. The college provides several incentives to teachers engaged in this endeavour and promotes high quality research by conferring recognition and reward.

Faculty members are facilitated to present papers in International and National Conferences, participate in seminars and workshops organized all over the country. With several teachers publishing papers and acquiring higher qualifications, the college ensures the existence of a vibrant and dynamic research culture on the campus. Students also receive initiation and firsthand experience of research with the college hosting conferences, seminars and workshops on a regular basis not only for teachers but also students.