College Life

This is all about degree,
Can’t get it back I agree!

So here we are at St.Claret to make our memory last,
They are just the things we can’t do in a hurry.

Walking every morning upstairs tells me more in hurry,
Every time when late, we were not excused by a sorry!

Girls, always busy talking about the ideal type to marry,
Taking these into consideration is as heavy as a lorry.

Teachers invading our minds were very unnecessary,
But they did it for reasons which were necessary.

Classroom is the best place to go crazy,
Three years just pass by as we were lazy.

The worst case was, getting bored just by sitting,
And times where we got caught eating.

Killing time always meant gossips,
There were six in a bench, each one stuck to hips.

Always having fun even when not allowed to,
But our marks made us proud too.

Boys playing Pubg meant someone’s victory,
That had to be mentioned in the book of history.

Even though someone was losing,
Getting chicken dinner was the joy of winning.

At times we would wonder if the clock was ticking,
Mostly all we did was calculating.

Now our teen life is disappearing,
And the uncertain plan of career is nearing.

Fed up with lots of decision making,
Eventually, we ended up worrying.

Thinking, what’s next?
The days were passing on.
All these days we kept dreaming on,
Felt like we almost lost a battle.

These past few years were amazing,
All we need now is to keep praying.
Now that we have enjoyed the trend,
It is the time for it to end.
Kavya Shree