Memories forever

It came to us glittering,
Like a bright sunny day.
But we were unaware when the clouds gathered in the sky,
And the light had faded away.

Those days were so golden ,
And we were so foolish.
It's a tragedy to think of them now,
Little legs walking to school.

We are so grown and old now,
And we have been driven out of our shell,
But why do we still hear
The echo of the period bell?

The sound of the piano still rings in our ears,
And the songs linger in our throat,
But the sweetness is lost
Like a boat that has floated away.
Oh, how do we have so many to hug now,
And none of them feel like
The hugs from sweat-drenched bodies in games hour?

Quietly entering the school library,
Sitting beside friends,
Books kept open on tables,
And giggling over cartoons, movies and trends.
Classes of history, English and math,
Teachers with angry looks,
And the fear of those dreadful dairy remarks
Kept us stuck to our books.

But today standing on our own roads,
We beg to feel the same fear again.
We wonder if our school days would ever return to us,
And ask for childhood to knock at our door again.

Things have changed a lot.
We have all met our fates,
But the culture has never changed,
The culture of St. Claret.
Vedashruti Basak