B. Sc - Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science

B. Sc (Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science) is a three year degree program which combines computer knowledge with mathematics & statistics. All these subject areas give the student a wide area of expertise in Mathematical Sciences along with Statistics. Mathematics and Statistics work as the base on which the computational architecture is built up. Mathematics concentrates on mathematical methods and techniques and their applications in modern day life. Statistics focuses on the concept of developing statistical models and techniques to analyse data.

Once the student completes this course he/she can pursue post graduate courses like MCA, M.Sc. IT, Actuarial Sciences, MBA or M. Statistics from Indian Institute of Statistics. Students trained in Maths, Statistics & Computer Science are also favourites of software, insurance, market research, securities and banking companies. They can also take up jobs as Programmers, Web Developers or Database Administrators within the IT Industry.