TECHNOVATION: Inter – Collegiate IT Fest
The IT Club of the department conducts Inter – Collegiate IT Fest, TECHNOVATION, which provides a platform to the students of the department to explore their talents and to apply their organizational skills. TECHNOVATION with an objective of technological step to innovate offers opportunities to various students from other institutions to discover their competence and technological abilities.

INSPIRE: Intra – Collegiate IT Fest
The IT Club of the Department of Sciences along with the 3rd year students organize the Intra – Collegiate IT Fest, INSPIRE, for the 1st and 2nd year batches of the department to facilitate decision making aptitude and proficiency among its aspirants. The various competitions as part of INSPIRE ensure the inspiring involvement of each and every student of the department under the guidance of faculty. The winners of INSPIRE are given opportunities to represent the college at several inter – collegiate fests.

INFINIX: Intra – Campus Science Fest
To develop and promote the skills of students in the field of Science, the department initiated INFINITY club during the academic year 2019 – 20 with a motto ‘Possibility Never Ends’. The INFINITY Club of the department organizes Intra – Campus Science Fest, INFINIX, with an objective to encourage the students from the Science stream of St. Claret Pre University College by conducting various competitions in an advanced level. The fest also attempts to spread an interest in the field of Mathematics, Statistics and Economics by giving an idea on the related career opportunities.