Language – Fests

The language department organizes some programs every year to promote students in cultural and literary activities and to increase respect for their language and to preserve linguistic heritage-

Kannada Rajyotsava
The language department organizes Kannada Rajyotsava every year in the month of November. Which the language department celebrates with great enthusiasm. Many cultural programs are presented by the students.

The event is celebrated all over Karnataka state. College students who come to study from other states from Karnataka state also give their participation in this program. This program creates an atmosphere of harmony. Promotes mutual brotherhood. After joining, students from other regions and employees here also consider themselves as a family. With the establishment of the language department since 2014 or the program is held annually with this same enthusiasm.

Hindi Diwas:-
The Hindi unit of the language department organizes this program every year on 14 September. The department of the department remains prompt and endeavoring to make Hindi language the supreme language of the world. All students studying Hindi in college are seen participating in it. May the Hindi language remain alive, what is its purpose and how Hindi connects the country and society? Through this program, the department makes an effort to awaken the students to a sense of Hindi. In addition, cultural and valuable programs are also organized in it.