Language – Vision Mission Goal

Vision, Mission & Goal

About Department

Our Vision:-

To strive towards the overall enhancement of language skills encompassing Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing (LSRW) and to help the students incorporate a sense of confidence and proficiency in multilingual learning.

Our Mission:-
To understand the need of acceptance and participation in a pluralistically rich and diverse society, with the education imparted from the department and to make the students logically correct, intellectually sound and emotionally sensitive.

Our Goal:-
Communicate effectively in language and interact in a culturally appropriate manner with native speakers of that language.
Recognition of cultural values, practices, and heritage of the states or nation.
Development of disposition and cognitive strategies for life-long learning of other languages and cultures.

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Fest :-
The language department organizes some programs every year to promote students in cultural and literary activities and to increase respect for their language and to preserve linguistic heritage-

Kannada Rajyotsava
The language department organizes Kannada Rajyotsava every year in the month of November. Which the language department celebrates with great enthusiasm. Many cultural programs are presented by the students.

The event is celebrated all over Karnataka state. College students who come to study from other states from Karnataka state also give their participation in this program. This program creates an atmosphere of harmony. Promotes mutual brotherhood. After joining, students from other regions and employees here also consider themselves as a family. With the establishment of the language department since 2014 or the program is held annually with this same enthusiasm.

Hindi Diwas:-
The Hindi unit of the language department organizes this program every year on 14 September. The department of the department remains prompt and endeavoring to make Hindi language the supreme language of the world. All students studying Hindi in college are seen participating in it. May the Hindi language remain alive, what is its purpose and how Hindi connects the country and society? Through this program, the department makes an effort to awaken the students to a sense of Hindi. In addition, cultural and valuable programs are also organized in it.

Best Practice :-
The Language Department at St. Claret College constantly innovates to provide the best learning experience to its students. So that students continue to learn something and also keep their tendency towards language. The department conducts a variety of competitions, field trips and Student Seminar etc. student upgradation programs under it.

Our leading best and innovative practices are described below:-

1. Literary Fest:-
The language department has been organizing this program with all the teachers teaching all the languages ​​of the department since last four years 2015. This program enhances the mental and logical development of the students. In this, many types of programs such as story writing, film review, debate, student presentation etc. have to be done. Also, by giving first, second and third prizes, the students develop competitive spirit and skills.

2. Student Seminar:-
The language department started student seminars from session 2019-20. In which the student selects the topic to write on articles and research topics. The language department conducts this program at the departmental level and inter-university. This program gives students the opportunity to make research and learn something new apart from the topics organized.

3. Educational Trip:
The language department has been organizing this trip since 2018. Under which, taking students to a place associated with literary activities, provides them with new information. This trip helps students to learn about the atmosphere and culture of different places in an interesting and fun way. This empowers students with the help of a different approach.

Department Club :-
The Department of Languages has two in-house clubs. These clubs were introduced to provide extracurricular opportunities to students, and to facilitate innovative learning.

Literary Club:- This was established in 2018 to foster literary sensibilities of students and also to provide a platform to develop an interest in matters related to culture, literary arts and language. The activities of this club in the institute also involve the creation of written materials in various forms such as short stories, serial stories, poetry, essays, articles, etc. The club also conducts literary week where several written and spoken literary competitions are conducted. Literary Club is more than just a club for reading and writing; it is also a place where students can come to share their insights on politics, life, and school issues. It is customary that the Literary Club at St. Claret College observes an important day in the life of a major literary figure.

Kannada Academy:- This club was established in 2019. The club gives students a platform to learn and understand the literature, culture and heritage of Karnataka. The club organizes cultural and literary activities inside and outside the college.