Languages -Conferences

The language department facilitates more lecturers and motivates to make a discovery to contribute to their advancement by learning about the infinite information existing within it. At St. Claret College, the Department of Languages ​​Department regularly organizes a national level seminar and conference every year for Hindi and Kannada languages. There is a wide range of topics for these seminars.

The Department of Languages ​​organized a national level seminar for both Kannada and Hindi languages ​​at St. Claret College on 21 May 2019. The theme of Kannada language was “Dr. Dara Bendre: Life and Literature” and in the Hindi language it was “Chhayavada Memoirs and Punarpath”. Dr. G., the chief guest at the Kannada seminar. Krishnappa was Dr. Shubha Srivastava, a well-known writer at the Hindi seminar and lecturer at Queen’s College, Varanasi. The program was attended by interpreters from several colleges in various states. Total participants in Kannada were 50 members among which 45 members submitted their papers and 38 members participated in Hindi and 32 members successfully submitted papers. The program was successful and knowledgeable. People got a new vision on the subject.