Going beyond the syllabus, the language department organizes two workshops every year to develop literacy, social awareness, cultural sensitivity, understanding of the processes involved in building cultures as well as critical thinking among students.

On 5 February 2020, a workshop on the subject was organized on behalf of the fourth session of Bangalore University on behalf of the Hindi Department of Language Department. In which the faculty of colleges affiliated to Bangalore University took part. The participants expressed their views on all the points related to the subject, so that every single layer of the subject was openly exposed. It also took care of how to make the subject interesting and student-friendly so that the student could accept it easily. In this program, the members who have added the subject to the syllabus were also invited, which also shed light on why the subject was selected for the students. The students associated with the subject along with the professors also showed their participation and their intent on the subject became clear. In this way, the Department of Languages ​​organizes workshops and faculty development programs to solve the problems of students and students from time to time.