At SCC, mentoring is considered one of the best practices since its inception. The mentors invest their time and energy with the mentees to ensure that the mentees get ample opportunities for their holistic development during their stay in the institution. The mentors are highly experienced and deliver value-based guidance and support to the mentees. Mentors try to engage the students' community in various ways, from personal development to professional development. The institution ensures that the mentor-mentee ratio is appropriate to provide personal attention to every mentee.

Roles & Responsibilities of the Mentor
● The mentors monitor the academic progress of the mentees
● To provide personal guidance to the students regarding the scholarship, co-curricular activities, add on programs and extension activities.
● To regularly update the parents about their ward’s progress
● To counsel the mentees in case of any disciplinary issues
● To encourage students to complete their internship successfully
● The mentors regularly update the HOD & Principal about the progress of the mentees.