Department of Humanities

The Department of Humanities offers Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree in the following subject combinations:

1. Psychology & Optional English
2. Psychology & Journalism
3. Psychology & Sociology
4. Psychology & Economics
5. Optional English & Journalism
6. Optional English & Computer Applications
7. Optional English & Political Science
8. Economics & Computer Applications
9. Economics & Political Science
10. Economics & Journalism
11. Journalism & Political Science
12. Sociology & Political Science
13. Sociology & Journalism

The Bachelor of Arts programme, offered over 3 years and 6 semesters (4 years and 8 semesters for BA Honours), equips students with the ability to address critical questions concerning contemporary social and political thought, comprehend and challenge established notions of individual and collective identities, deploy literary readings and theoretical concepts in a wide array of careers ranging from creative to technical.

A candidate, at the time of admission, will opt for any two core subjects from the combinations mentioned above. Till the end of the fourth semester/second year, the student studies the two core subjects along with two languages, open electives and skill enhancement courses. In the fifth and sixth semester/third year of the programme, the student can choose any one of the two core subjects as major or continue both the subjects as majors. Those students who wish to continue to the fourth year for the honours programme, shall study the major subject or one of the major subjects in the fourth year for the honours degree.