Vision, Mission & Goals


To create and sustain an environment and culture that fosters excellence, diversity, innovative thinking, scientific temper and ethical behavior to serve both society and Science.

To strive and attain excellence in the field of Science by exposing students to theoretical and application aspects that involves synergistic endeavors of faculty and students.


  • Gaining significant knowledge in the domain of Science.
  • Developing analytical and critical thinking skills required for success in scientific endeavours.
  • Developing research skills through independent research projects with an understanding of the scientific process.
  • Relating and applying abstract concepts to concrete, real – world problems.
  • Exploring individual scientific interests through expanded learning opportunities.
  • Encouraging active and effective participation in collaborative learning experiences to maximize academic and social growth.
  • Utilizing Science & Technology effectively for the teaching and learning process.
  • Encouraging both students and faculty members to become involved in activities such as clubs, field trips, enrichment classes, workshops etc., that enhance the understanding of the latest trends in the fields of Science & Information Technology.
  • Becoming aware of the role and responsibility of the scientific community in the solutions to global problems.