BCA programme is designed to transform the candidate into competent computer professional, to take on the challenges of globalization and information technology. Training on both software and hardware concepts shall equip the student with adequate knowledge and practice in the field of computer sciences. All the students are recommended to own laptops for their personal study purposes.

The students are encouraged to take up CWAD (Certified Windows App Development) Using C#; CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) and SAP (Systems Applications and Products) programs during the course. Classes are organized in the campus for these programs.

Eligibility: 10+2 / Pre-University Course/Equivalent (During admissions, the College fixes minimum cut off marks from the qualifying examination).

Add-on Courses offered as part of BBA Data Science (Business Analytics)
I year MongoDB
II year Software Testing

Semester Paper No. Title of the Paper
I 1.1 Language
I 1.2 English
I 1.3 Problem Solving Techniques using C
I 1.4 Digital Electronics
I 1.5 Discrete Mathematics
I 1.6 C Programming Lab
I 1.7 Digital Electronics Lab
I 1.8 Indian Constitution and Human Rights
I 1.9 CC & EC
II 2.1 Languages
II 2.2 English
II 2.3 Data Structure
II 2.4 Database Management System
II 2.5 Numerical and Statistical Methods
II 2.6 Data Structure Lab
II 2.7 DBMS Lab
II 2.8 Environment and Public Health
II 2.9 CC & EC
III 3.1 Languages
III 3.2 English
III 3.3 Object Oriented Programming using C++
III 3.4 Financial Accounting and Management
III 3.5 Operating System
III 3.6 C++ Lab
III 3.7 Accounting Package Lab
III 3.8 Culture Diversity and Society
III 3.9 CC & EC
IV 4.1 Languages
IV 4.2 English
IV 4.3 Visual Programming
IV 4.4 Unx Shell Programming
IV 4.5 Operating Research
IV 4.6 Visual Programming Lab
IV 4.7 Unix Lab
IV 4.8 Skill Development Course
IV 4.9 CC & EC
V 5.1 Software Engineering
V 5.2 Computer Architecture
V 5.3 Banking and Insurance
V 5.4 JAVA Programming
V 5.5 Project
V 5.6 Soft Skills & Personality Development
VI 6.1 Designs & Analysis of Algorithms
VI 6.2 Systems Programming
VI 6.3 Computer Graphics
VI 6.4 Web Programming
VI 6.5 Project
VI 6.6 Elective- Paper IV