Best Practices

ANUSANDHAN: To advance the confidence level of students, the department suggests the habit of an experimental learning strategy – ‘ANUSANDHAN’, wherein the knowledge is created through the transformation of experience. This method of learning process facilitates the students to practice leadership quality, to work as a team, to share knowledge and to instill research aptitude. ANUSANDHAN provides a platform to the students to develop new projects themselves via experimental learning. The department gives an opportunity to the students from other colleges as well to be part of this innovative practice, by conducting inter – collegiate project presentation competitions under the banner of CSI Student Chapter.

LAKSHYA: To encourage students to participate in inter – collegiate workshop, symposium, seminar, conference etc. and to guide the students for paper presentation in state/national/international conferences, the department initiated a practice called ‘LAKSHYA’, during the academic year 2017 – 18. LAKSHYA focuses on the advancement of students by ensuring knowledge acquisition and sharing among peers. As part of LAKSHYA, the students of the department are also given an opportunity to compete at the intra – collegiate paper presentation competition by proposing their ideas.

Deployment of technology towards creative initiatives: Students of department are encouraged to utilize technology in the development of real – time applications such as conference website, software to facilitate online examination for Foundation Courses prescribed by CBCS of Bangalore University, online grievance portal etc. with the support of college management. The student developers use to help in the maintenance of the same based on the requirement even after them becoming alumni.

Move on with an Intellectual: With an objective to ensure enrichment for advanced learners, the department introduced an initiative entitled ‘Move on with an Intellectual’ on March 17, 2014. ‘Move on with an Intellectual’ aims at providing special guidance, motivation and prospects, along with mental as well as financial support to advanced learners for their development. The department considers mainly the entry level score of the students as well as the 1st semester Bangalore University score as the criterion to identify advanced learners of each batch. Under this initiative, the advanced learners, for their curricular and co – curricular/professional enrichment, are encouraged in many ways.