Best Practices

Best Practices of the Department

  • E-Store: The Department of Commerce runs an E – store in the campus which provides stationery items to cater to the needs of students and faculty in the campus. The store is taken care by the students of the department. The E-store helps the students to develop their entrepreneurial skills in managing and running a business.
  • Business Lab: a professional forum to increase the business skills in the students.
  • Vocational Unit: The students of the department are trained in various vocational programs.
  • Spark intra collegiate paper presentation- organised by the department of commerce to increase the research aptitude in the students.
  • Internships: students of the department are encouraged to undertake internships in corporate and NGO during the semester breaks.
  • Student Adoption Program– students are divided amongst the teachers and guided for their higher education and career development.
  • Industrial Visits: Visit to centres of learning like RBI, Stock Markets and production units of industries.
  • Add-on Programs: inculcating the corporate requirements and increasing employability by providing add-on programs to the students of the department.