Inter Collegiate Events:

Inter Collegiate Commerce Fest Crescensia is organised by the Department of Commerce. The events of the fest seeks to simulate the bearings of the business environment, thereby bridging the prominent gap between the theories and the practicalities of the corporate world. It provides a platform for participants to unveil and apply their talents to reach new heights.

An inter-collegiate business quiz competition for PU students is organised by the Department of Commerce. The main focus of the quiz is to identify the talent and to know the aptitude of the students in the field of commerce from our very own St. Claret Pre University College and other colleges. The college offers cash prize as incentive and encourages many PU students to participate in the competition.

Intra Collegiate Events:

The Department of Commerce also organizes an intra-collegiate paper presentation “Spark”. This event is organized in order to increase the research aptitude amongst the students. The best three papers also win a cash prize. The analytical and research skills in the students are developed and the students become more competitive when they have to participate in inter- collegiate paper organized by other colleges.

An intra-departmental fest organized by the Department of Commerce. The main focus of the fest is to enhance the skills of the students and various competitions held will increase their aptitude and interest in the course. There are many programmes organized for the students to participate and win prizes.

The department celebrates a week long value week called as ‘Valeur” where the eight core values of the institution is imbibed into the students by organizing several competitions and events relating to the core values of the institution.