Student Experiences

Akash Das

There is A Time & Place for Opportunities & That's Claret! It’s been 2 years placed here in the degree campus and the disciplinary culture of the institution has completely gotten within me. I also am pursuing my Chartered Accountancy Professional degree and teachers here have been commendably supportive to assist and guide me regarding the same.

Ravi Kumar K

As Ravi Kumar K, a student in 3 BBA A at St. Claret College, my academic journey has been marked by growth, opportunities, and invaluable experiences. The BBA program not only equips students with essential business knowledge but also fosters a holistic development approach, preparing us for the dynamic challenges of the corporate world.

Vrindha Rajesh P

As a child, I really enjoyed Eastern dance. My sister, who was already part of the college dance team, encouraged me to audition. I felt a mix of excitement and nervousness during the process.
But Fashion shows weren't something I thought I'd be into, but when I saw my college's fashion team auditions, I decided to give it a try.

Prajwal Pinto

What is an experience if it doesn't involve having lots of fun, well till date my experience at Claret has been a rollercoaster ride of endless fun and excitement, from being a part of the college fashion team to becoming the cultural captain, which has really been amazing.

Aishwarya, 3rd BA.

The English department is basically the reason I got through college. It’s been a lot of fun and intellectually stimulating for me. It’s a bunch of kids talking about life together. At times there’s serious debates and other times we’re all listening to each other spill major tea. It’s always been a source of comfort and challenge at the same time. Our teachers here have different approaches to the subject.

Navneeth Singh, III BCOM TTM student.

My Journey as a Tourism and Travel Management Student at St. Claret College, Bengaluru.
As a student of Tourism and Travel Management at St. Claret College, every day feels like embarking on a new adventure. From the bustling classrooms to the vibrant corridors filled with chatter about exotic destinations, my college experience has been nothing short of exhilarating. Our student journey is peppered with thrilling excursion

The Pandemic:1.0 & 2.0

As it’s rightly said, every bad experience has something to teach. It wouldn’t be fair if I miss out on scripting what I learnt from the Covid-19 pandemic. On 23 rd of March 2020, the government of India ordered a nationwide lockdown for twenty- one days. Mobility got restricted even in our islands. Since my dad works in the police department, he had to continually go for his duty. By the end of July, the number of cases

Why Young Adult Literature Is Here to Stay

Young Adult (YA) literature often gets a bad rep. It’s thought frivolous, badly written and overabundant with tropes. However, YA is what can be termed “the best of all worlds.” It is a melting pot of genres, delivered in easily readable chunks of a few hundred pages. It is carefully grounded in reality and yet larger-than-life. Reading YA means sinking one’s teeth into a different reality with its own challenges while simultaneously escaping one’s own.


Life is “CHEMISTRY”.
Your thoughts, state of mind and actions lead to a reaction. In life,
You + your action ------->Positive change in you
(Positive catalyst)
Well, in the above reaction one may understand the reactants and products but many wonder what is this “Positive catalyst”.

Hope amidst pandemic

It's been a while since we felt normalcy and the natural ease of life. Now that we're stuck in our homes for quite some time, one thing that happens to keep me grounded is Hope. Hope; a word so underrated and strong, has the power to either make or break things.

St Claret: The Experience that matter

My four months at St. Claret have been nothing short of a dream come true. In some ways, it feels as though no time has passed at all but the growth I’ve seen in myself in this short time makes every moment of this experience valuable.

St. Claret -The Days that Count

60 days! I didn’t know how much could change in 60 days. Since the day I called the admissions at Claret till today, saying that my world’s upside down is an understatement.
My 2021 was riddled with ups and downs. I had written my NEET exam for the third time, but somewhere I always had a different dream to live.

My College Experience

For many people joining college is a dream, a very curious and intriguing space where many things change at this point in their lives. Now that I’m here at my graduation, I cannot stop feeling nostalgia as each and every moment in the campus was enriched with such beautiful memories.

It Can’t Get Better than St. Claret

St. Claret college is one of the best choices I have made in my life. What started as a college became to me my second home in three years. It has helped me grow in every way. I have had the best of teachers,who has always tried to help me find my best self, supported me,encouraged me to dream big and have big goals.

The Best College in Town

I was fortunate enough to have studied from St. Claret College, an energetic campus with a beautiful infrastructure providing all the facilities that a student desires. An Institute which focuses on career enhancements along with overall skill development with the seamless mix of academics and extracurricular activities.

SCIM (St Claret Institute of Management) Offers Top Class Management Education

I feel so happy and blessed to be a part of St Claret Institute of Management (SCIM), as I studied in this campus right from my nursery. I feel safe and secure to be in the campus of SCIM.

"I feel blessed to be a studying at SCIM."

In the world of rapidly changing education systems, I feel blessed to be a student of St. Claret Institute of Management. Education in recent days has been a subject of business, in other words, a way to make quick and enormous money. 

Great infrastructure and Skill Development Programme at SCIM

While I was in search of MBA colleges, I came across many colleges but their fees was too high then after I came across St. Claret Institute of Management (SCIM) with the reasonable fee which attracted me but we also believe that high fee gives high quality of education

Engaging and Interactive Classes at SCIM

When I had a plan of pursuing my Masters's in Business, I was in a dilemma about how to proceed. Numerous questions began arising in my mind. Will I cope with the 2 years of life-changing course? Will I be able to do well in business academics?

Unique and Wide-ranging Experience at SCIM

As I stepped into SCIM, I was overwhelmed by the ambiance of the campus, when I planned to pursue my higher education, I was going through websites then I found SCIM to be among the top ten MBA college in India.

SCIM Focuses on Overall Development

SCIM is the best college according to the fee structure because the fees for MBA is around only 4 lakhs. They provide all the facilities which are required for the students, and they basically focus more on building the skills of the students

SCIM Inspired My Transformational Journey

Initially, I joined the course for MBA to just have a PG degree and then move on without any right ambitions in my life and I thought that joining a newly formed PG institute would be apt for this. That is how I got enrolled at St. Claret Institute of Management. But to my astonishment

Supportive and Motivating Faculty

I am Bhoomika Shrinivas, studying at St. Claret Institute of Management, pursuing my MBA degree. The first thing that attracts me to this college is the way of communication of the administrative staff.

Memories of a Lifetime at Claret

My experience in Claret is a wonderful journey. I have spent almost 5 years in Claret pursuing my PU as well as BCom and I could proudly say that it has always helped me to build my skills and knowledge at the same time

Great Environment for Academics

SCIM is one of the best and top ten colleges in Bangalore. My journey in SCIM has been great as I have done my PUC and Graduation from here, and also joined here for pursuing my MBA. SCIM has a great environment as required for a peaceful mind and heart for studying.