Student Experiences

It Can’t Get Better than St. Claret

St. Claret college is one of the best choices I have made in my life. What started as a college became to me my second home in three years. It has helped me grow in every way. I have had the best of teachers,who has always tried to help me find my best self, supported me,encouraged me to dream big and have big goals.

The Best College in Town

I was fortunate enough to have studied from St. Claret College, an energetic campus with a beautiful infrastructure providing all the facilities that a student desires. An Institute which focuses on career enhancements along with overall skill development with the seamless mix of academics and extracurricular activities.

SCIM (St Claret Institute of Management) Offers Top Class Management Education

I feel so happy and blessed to be a part of St Claret Institute of Management (SCIM), as I studied in this campus right from my nursery. I feel safe and secure to be in the campus of SCIM.

"I feel blessed to be a studying at SCIM."

In the world of rapidly changing education systems, I feel blessed to be a student of St. Claret Institute of Management. Education in recent days has been a subject of business, in other words, a way to make quick and enormous money. 

Great infrastructure and Skill Development Programme at SCIM

While I was in search of MBA colleges, I came across many colleges but their fees was too high then after I came across St. Claret Institute of Management (SCIM) with the reasonable fee which attracted me but we also believe that high fee gives high quality of education

Engaging and Interactive Classes at SCIM

When I had a plan of pursuing my Masters's in Business, I was in a dilemma about how to proceed. Numerous questions began arising in my mind. Will I cope with the 2 years of life-changing course? Will I be able to do well in business academics?

Unique and Wide-ranging Experience at SCIM

As I stepped into SCIM, I was overwhelmed by the ambiance of the campus, when I planned to pursue my higher education, I was going through websites then I found SCIM to be among the top ten MBA college in India.

SCIM Focuses on Overall Development

SCIM is the best college according to the fee structure because the fees for MBA is around only 4 lakhs. They provide all the facilities which are required for the students, and they basically focus more on building the skills of the students

SCIM Inspired My Transformational Journey

Initially, I joined the course for MBA to just have a PG degree and then move on without any right ambitions in my life and I thought that joining a newly formed PG institute would be apt for this. That is how I got enrolled at St. Claret Institute of Management. But to my astonishment

Supportive and Motivating Faculty

I am Bhoomika Shrinivas, studying at St. Claret Institute of Management, pursuing my MBA degree. The first thing that attracts me to this college is the way of communication of the administrative staff.

Memories of a Lifetime at Claret

My experience in Claret is a wonderful journey. I have spent almost 5 years in Claret pursuing my PU as well as BCom and I could proudly say that it has always helped me to build my skills and knowledge at the same time

Great Environment for Academics

SCIM is one of the best and top ten colleges in Bangalore. My journey in SCIM has been great as I have done my PUC and Graduation from here, and also joined here for pursuing my MBA. SCIM has a great environment as required for a peaceful mind and heart for studying.