Technology - Have you heard of the Clone Phone?

Have you heard of the Clone Phone?
All of us are very attached to our phones and it has even become part of our culture to have the latest phones. Recently, many brands have emerged and have taken over the market, brands such as: Realme, Redmi, Oppo, OnePlus, etc.

But as we look deeper and analyse their recent releases, THEY LOOK SOO SIMILAR!!

There is very little for us to differentiate between two brands and that is mainly the brand logo. If we look at how smart phones grew, we see instant differences between previous phones in the market. Right now, most phones have a 32mp front camera while they have a 64mp rear camera. The only change from a 1-year-old model to a recent model is its processor. The design factor of phones has been lost. The only major contribution to designing is in high end phones like iPhone and Samsung (Galaxy S and Note series).

In previous years, major design changes were brought in by LG and Motorolla. While Samsung, HTC and Apple were trying to bring progressive designs and improvements, LG and Motorolla offered unique designs which caught people off guard. But recently, LG pulled back from the mobile industry because of a major dip in sales. Somehow, Samsung, Huawei, Google and Motorolla have brought unique designs with foldable screens. And nowadays it’s more or less camera positions changing that are categorized as new designs.

The similarity in phones means something else too. It allows for a bare minimum of requirements that have to be met to be categorised as a valued smartphone.

The smartphone industry is venturing into new technology which could possibly open doorways to new designs and bring back the uniqueness that was lost in the smartphone world.

Abel Varghese George
II B.Sc.