The quote "A friend in need is a friend indeed", explains the importance of true friends. Whenever a person feels detached or lonely, resulting in anxiety or depression, a helpful friend can help us overcome the situation very quickly.

A friend is someone we depend on to help us build our confidence and come face to face with our shortcomings, thus giving us a reality check. A true friend will also encourage us to do our best in the situation. It is not required that a good friend be in the same class or school. A true friend could be anyone who will support us in our difficult times and help us correct our methods to lead the right path. There are few things that we cannot share with our parents, but we won’t miss to share even a single moment to our true friend. Friendship is really a strong relationship that we cannot miss in our life.

A friend is someone who is not a part of our family, but with whom we share a bond of mutual respect and trust. We may not be able to judge if a friend is good or bad during our happy times. Most friends will be with us when we are happy and having a good time. However, those that stick with us even in our difficult times and give us the support and encouragement to carry on in life during any crisis is said to be a true friend.

If you are in a very tough stage, frustrated or stressed, you don’t need a psychologist, you just need a true friend to overcome the hard times and come out stronger.

R. Sathyavani