Let Her Be

Teach your daughters to say “no.”
Teach your sons not to take a woman’s body by force.
Teach them that their body is neither a house nor a hotel.
A woman’s opinion matters.
Their screams for justice must be heard.
Let them speak up,
And say how proud they are to be standing up alone.

Teach your sons that “no means no.”
If she makes it clear that she doesn’t want to be touched,
Understand that she’s either not comfortable or not ready.
If a girl is not enjoying your company,
Let her go.
She has the courage to say no,
And you need to let her go.

Don’t whistle at her,
Because she’s not an animal.
Don’t disrespect her,
Just because she’s a woman and you are a man.

A woman gives so much of herself to the world,
And you need to teach your sons to respect her.
Sheetal G
I B.Com C