Monday 13th April 2020
10.00 p.m.

Dear diary,
The first thought that came to my mind as I wrote the date was how tranquil it was last month. Now things have taken a U turn and here I am, sitting under the moonlight with you for company, while another side of the world is fighting a deadly pandemic. Do I sound like a sadist when I say that this phase of our lives seems so serene? I don’t remember the last time I looked at the sky with such admiration. Even if I happened to look up, there were no stars to wink at me, and what’s a night sky without stars?

I’m sure all of us have grown up looking at dark blue skies sequined with twinkling stars but what have we left for the generations to come? Empty skies with a tint of the evening glow? I no longer witness shooting stars, there are no fireflies to light up gloomy nights, and no sparrows that chirp away my sadness.

The whole idea of quarantine and lockdown is to protect mankind but guess who’s being protected? Guess who’s healing? While all of us are waiting for quarantine to end, there is someone getting better every day, someone getting ready to provide us with the best, not realizing that she is going to be taken for granted this time around too. The bitter truth is that humanity has destroyed everything and is now giving the flora and fauna its ‘space’ to heal, pretending like it won’t tear her down again. I can now hear long-lost birds chirping, see faded stars twinkling and most importantly, witness Mother Earth healing. If this isn’t tranquility, then what is? Listening to the vehicles honking? Looking at the lights of skyrises switched on 24/7?

Embrace what you have while it lasts. Admire what you have while it stays. Protect what you have while it exists. We are lucky enough to have gotten a second chance, so “quarantine and chill.”
II B.Com ‘D’